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Mallory's Remember WENN Fan Page

By Mallory Bolduc

"All right! I admit it!  I'm an addicted... addict!!"
-Betty (Amanda Naughton) in "The Diva That Wouldn't Die"
And to think -- those words exactly describe my view of Remember WENN!


Remember WENN has been cancelled by AMC to accommodate their new series, The Lot! Feel free to post my Boycott AMC banner on your site! Coming Soon: Sport the heliotrope ribbon on your homepage! Come back soon for more!

If you've been to any of my other homepages, you probably know that I'm a Remember WENN fan. I am a member of the Remember WENN fan club . I regularly visit the AMC Homepage, especially the WENN page.
Here are some WENN links:
Hugh O'Gorman's Homepage
Melinda Mullin's Homepage
Kevin O'Rourke's Homepage
Christopher Murney's Homepage
And so I'm not the only WENN fan homepage out there:
Flying Dreams Linda's Remember WENN Homepage -- Talk about a swell page!! A better resource than the official RW homepage (much better, IMPO), with episode summaries, links, other fans of RW, and much more! She organized a Christmas card for the cast and crew of RW, too!

Josh's WENN Theory -- A really cool page with a poll of favorite eps by season, lyrics to WENN songs, and his newsletter "My Two Cents"!

Michael Crawford's WENN Page -- To think I once thought -I- was insane.... A ton of stuff, including baised character synopsis (baised is good) and a bunch of other stuff!

The Green Room -- Rebecca's really swell site! Check it out!

Katie's Remember WENN Page -- A ton of multimedia! Catch her WENN trivia (on my page)!

Myka's Homepage -- The place for transcripts (or, you know, one of the places :)), plus a major link page. Besides, she's a Dana Andrews fan. ;>

Bizarra's Remember WENN Page -- With a WENN gallery of images, sounds files, and fanfics, plus a page on "WENNuendo" and a Jeff & Hilary homepage (and you thought -I- was predictable)!

Beth's Homepage -- And she's a John Kerr fan, too! :)
My other WENN homepages!

The NEW Ode to Doug! (updated -- pics, pics, pics!)
My Sherwood Shrine
Why I'm a Friend of W-E-N-N
My WENNitorial on "Who's Scott Sherwood?"
My WENNitorial on "From the Pen of Gertrude Reece"
My WENNitorial on "Happy Homecomings"
Katie's WENN trivia (on my homepage)

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All this WENN stuff is copyright AMC -- no copyright infringement is intended. (Psst, that goes for all my pages. :b)

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