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The Sherwood Shrine!

By Mallory Bolduc

"So don't ever forget... to not ever be... not prepared."
-Scott (Kevin O'Rourke) in "The Importance of Being Betty"
An example of Scott fans' dedication....

From "A Capital Idea" to the present, I've concluded... well, two things... okay, maybe three....

1)I watch way too much RW (when "Very exciting!" pops into your mind during gym, I think that's a safe assumption).
2)I'm (over)obsessed with Scott (ya think?).
3)Maybe my mom's right and I -do- need to get a life. *pause* Nahh.

It all started at a 5000 watt station in Fresno... oh, wait, wrong story. *thinking* Oh, yeah. After "Magic", when debates broke lose over whether Betty should end up with Scott or Victor, I had no idea. I was alongside "Who's Scott Sherwood?" (only anticipation of that episode brought me anxiety, the departure brought an ulcer... well, maybe not....), I was definitely obsessed, and that was that. "The Importance of Being Betty" was wonderful (my favorite line being, "New York. Ah, great. Now what am I going to do in New York?"), "The New Actor" charming (and aiding recovery from mental damage, or am I exaggerating? *sigh of relief*), and I can't wait for the next season! And as I notice that "Dear Mr. Gable/You Made Me Love You"/"The Man That Got Away" run in synchronozation with "Who's Scott Sherwood?" (heh heh, just kidding....), and my collection of Scott pics grows (special thanks to Bizarra =b), I realize I can't -wait- for more infamous Scott eps (eg. "Close Quarters", "The First Mrs. Bloom", "Who's Scott Sherwood") -- but can any other die-hard Scott fan? Now, another note (D flat, I think), what the heck is Rupert trying to do to us with that season finale? *sweet smile* (Note, I said that calmly... you should've seen me January 28th....) I have to say I enjoyed that one. I couldn't say that the 28th. There were a lot of things I couldn't say the 28th. One of them was "Water." I was thirsty that day. Sorry, reminiscing. Note: I'm saying all of this calmly. This is getting difficult. How long do we have to wait again? May? MAY???? *MAY*????????!!?? *calming down* I mean, *sweetly* May? Couldn't I have the gas chamber instead?

You thought -I- was weird? Here are notes from my "fans" (I say this with humility). (E-mail me if you want to add your own comment!)
A Scott Poem
By Lisa Hoffpauir

I love Scott, he is great
He deserves Betty, because he is great (OK, I'm no poet...I'm a geneticist dang it!!)
Each time he comes on the screen I cheer
"Never fear Scott is here!!!"
I like Victor a lot
But compared to Scott, he's not as hot.
When Scott and Betty kiss
I feel there is nothing amiss
Scott is the best looking man alive
I love his Simmons the gardner (I give up on the rhyming bit)


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