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"Who's Scott Sherwood?"

By Mallory Bolduc

"'It was all a dream'? That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard! *long, thoughtful pause* Shall it be your dream or mine?"
-Hilary (Melinda Mullins) in "Who's Scott Sherwood?"
Now, an editorial on the ep that brought tears to my eyes and torture to my impatient mind....
Quick Summary:
Scott Sherwood (Kevin O'Rourke), on August 30th (now you'll never forget either when this ep was or when Princess Di died -- double whammy *sniff*), got hit hard when Mr. Pruitt (Jonathan Freeman) returned with his secretary to let Scott know that he was getting a surprise... audit. Betty (Amanda Naughton) wasn't planning on helping Scott out, due to the fact that she knew Scott had lied about knowing Victor (John Bedford Lloyd), but the rest of the crew was. After putting a "the end" in their morning programs, the crew was surprised by Scott telling them that they needed to quit it -- because he was leaving to California. When he spoke with Betty, she showed him two documents with Victor's signature (supposedly) on them -- the inscription in the book of limericks and the letter of recommendation, both delivered by Scott in "A Capital Idea". When Betty noted that both signatures were identical, something too rare, Scott hit her with a lie about forging the signature in the book. After Betty apologized and Scott started to leave, though, his guilt hit him and he returned admitting what had really happened -- he was "just a guy in a bar". Betty, enraged, slaps Scott and tells him off. Scott asks Betty if he gets any points for honesty, at which she admits that he did, "but not many," then Scott asks if he got enough for a goodbye kiss. She says no way, but as he starts to leave he turns around and kisses her. Then, with a sad look on his face, he goes, leaving Betty wistful and confused.

*sniff* WAHH!!

Okay, maybe it's a Scott fan thing. Maybe it's a Kevin O'Rourke fan thing. Maybe it's just an overall RW fan thing. But 95%+ of the viewing public was screaming and/or in tears after that episode (just ask Linda). With Victor fans almost as shocked as we were when Victor kissed Betty (although several Victor fans were cheering on Scott a half-hour after "Who's Scott Sherwood?" aired, or at least feeling pity for him), and Scott fans more in shock than anyone else, the RW chat that night was hard to follow and we got little sleep due to anxiety. If the spoilers on the AMC WENN Homepage for the new episodes are true, then we can't expect Scott at WENN for at least five weeks. Nor can we expect many hours of sleep. *sigh*

As Josh pointed out, two of the first three episodes were bombshells (and 14 to go) -- whoever first said "Two out of three ain't bad" didn't know what he was talking about. You know, Rupert Holmes would be getting threats right now if he wasn't such a genius, in writing and and cliffhangers (don't we all know).... =)

The Sherwood Shrine!*new* (I don't feel like messing with pics =b)


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