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"Happy Homecomings"

By Mallory Bolduc

"Hey, Betty... I love you."
-Scott Sherwood's (Kevin O'Rourke)ode to Betty -- with breathtaking timing, might I add....
A special edition WENNitorial about this cruel and heartless act of Rupert Holmes. I wrote this as soon as I was coherent again, really!

I used to do quick summeries, you'll notice. I don't do quick summaries anymore. Here's my eouvre on this wonderful episode.


How does he do it? How does Rupert Holmes write such cruel and heartbreaking episodes, cliffhangers? This episode is the kind of thing that puts people like me in constant torture. The credits roll by after your first viewing of it, but nothing registers with you. You're left with your heart aching, tears streaming down your cheeks, your hands shaking, and your speech incoherent. And darned if I don't love it.
Not only was the writing wonderful, but the acting was top-notch. Remember WENN's many fans agree that Melinda Mullins deserves an Emmy for her performance. That award would also be anything but wasted on Amanda Naughton (she does Betty so well, and in this ep it shows through like lime jello in cellophane) or Kevin O'Rourke. Oh, yeah -- now I'll critique the episode.

The Actual WENNitorial
The show opens with our old friend Doug Thompson (Matthew Bennett) advising Hilary as she files for divorce from Jeff. When Betty peeks in, Doug asks is she's had lunch (and if she hasn't if she like to have some, and if she has if she'd like to have some more) -- she declines because of her ever-hectic schedule. And he tries so hard....
This episode is FULL of breathtaking, heartwrenching scenes, but because I only have so many hours left between schoolwork, friends, and, mainly, rewatching Remember WENN (particularly this one), I'm pinpointing my faves (in chronological order). Because otherwise I'd forget (don't kill me, Biz!), I mention our first homecoming (the "happy" part is still up in the air), well, first -- that of Jeffrey Singer. As Betty prepares to open the strongbox and find out Victor's contact, she is interrupted by a banging at the door to Scott's-- Betty's-- Pruitt's office. Betty unlocks it, and immediately the door swing open and Jeff edges in quickly. Placing a hand over Betty's mouth, he threatens, "Do you want to see what murder looks like first-hand?" She bites him. Understandable. He ever-so-well yells (as quietly as one can yell), "You BIT me! Betty!! You BIT me!!" I guess we all misunderstood -- he just doesn't want Hilary to know he's there. He reveals that he conciously (more or less) married Pablum-- er, Pavla. Later on, seeing as Scott is away (I'll get to that next, promise ;>), he regains the part of Brent Marlowe -- not to Hilary's knowledge. She's surprised and hurt, and as soon as the scene finishes she storms into Betty's office. Angry, she asks who allowed Jeff into the studio (or the building, for that matter), then says that she refuses to so much as clear her throat on mike (er, microphone, that is) until the premises is cleared of Jeff. But before leaving she confesses, "I love being here." *sniff sniff* Okay, that's when I -start- crying.
Oh, yeah, Scott isn't there. Why, you ask (even though chances are greater than just good that you've already seen this episode -- I'm just so darn entertaining (j/k, really))? As Mr. Seldon Sentry, on record, announces the numbers about Sentry Savings, Mackie and Scott notices something strange about it -- rather than saying plainly "five cents," Mr. Sentry says "zero five cents". Mackie remarks about it, but Scott has this down cold -- could it be a code? He takes the record and a shot at the perhaps encrypted message.
Aha, Betty gets a chance to read the letter with the contact's name... finally. She reads it, and... "No. No, that's impossible!" The door swings open. "You're the contact?" Camera change. Mr. Pruitt. Nahhhh... couldn't be... could it?
What's that? Victor's coming? So says the caller (who happens to be Victor). Betty clears everyone out of the station, saying that there's a gas leak -- an, um, odorless gas. Mackie is returned to paranoid and exits very quickly.... Everyone leaves, Victor soon enters. There's something about him, though... something different... wait a minute, that's not Victor! Heh heh, just kidding. I've been watching too much sci-fi lately, sorry. What was I saying again? Oh, yeah. Victor's acting different... he's not striding like in "In the WENN Small Hours" or the first season episodes, and he's sporting an uncharacteristic grin. Betty gives him a welcome hug with a few tears, and turning her back to him says, "I just can't believe that your contact is the 'Satanic Santa'! I thought he was only good for, 'Buy Barley futures!'...." Hold that thought. She continues talking, but behind her, we see... Victor drawing... a gun. He points it at her, but after some ten seconds of thinking he puts it away, just before Betty turns around again. Then they depart from the studio and make their way to the green room, where Pruitt sits.
Ahhh, my kind of scene (in a deranged way)! Betty mentions Victor making "contact with his contact", but Victor interrupts, "That's not my contact, Betty." Oh, boy. Pruitt stands, still smug. What's this? He's a... Nazi?? (Big shocker there... j/k. He had me fooled earlier, dang it!) Ah, but Victor's waiting for the password. Pruitt gives it proudly, "Buy Barley futures." Victor pulls the gun out (as Betty gasps) and points it at... Pruitt. "Right idea, wrong target!" Wasn't he supposed to shoot Miss Roberts at the trigger phrase (bad pun, okay)? Victor retorts, "I was instructed to shoot the person who said the password." Pruitt: "But I was told to give you the pass--" It dawns on him. "They want me dead!" But, as Pruitt says, Victor's not the kind of man to shoot a fellow human being (don't be too sure there, my Nazi, um, arch-enemy)... not like Pruitt is, as he reveals a pistol of his own and aims it at our unsuspecting bystander, Betty Roberts. She backs away in horror. If Victor shoots Pruitt, Pruitt shoots Betty. My, my, what a wonderful little dillema (she says sarcastically). Oh, boy. As they're left hanging, we change viewpoints to a shot of the main WENN doorway, where Mackie leans in with a tissue held over his nose and mouth. He's soon pushed in by Scott Sherwood, who's carrying documents in a large envelope. Looks like there's no odorless gas leak, and it also appears that Scott has some dirt on Mr. Sentry. The numbers? A code, no less. In fact, Scott's got them all figured out -- right down to their "code greeting": "Buy Barley futures"! Snappy, eh? Mackie flees to the writer's room to look for Betty, while Scott decides to search the green room. But just as he enters, he says, "What a pedestrian password! 'Buy Barley futures'!" Victor swings his gun from Pruitt to Scott as quickly as one can say "Buy Barley futures" (although at the moment I don't recommend that). Scott quietly says, "Victor Comstock. You're alive." [insert wonderful overhead shot of the scenario] Betty, still in shock: "Scott..." Scott, as well as one can say it: "Hey, Betty... I love you." *sniff sniff* (That's when I start -bawling-.) Betty is even more in shock, and in an attempt to protect Scott she whispers with her eyes closed, "Buy Barley futures." Scene change to the main hallway. The green room door swings, just closed, as a gunshot sounds. Fade to black.

Now, isn't that just evil? Isn't that just horrid? Do you know that I didn't stop shaking or crying for an hour? Do you know that I couldn't talk or type for at least 30 minutes? And do you know what's worst of all? We have to wait until May or June for season four!!!! Ahem.

The Sherwood Shrine!*new* (relatively)(I don't feel like messing with pics =b)


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