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An Ode to Doug

By Mallory Bolduc

"In the boy scouts, they told us the most beautiful sight to see when you wake is the sunrise. Forget the boy scouts."
-Doug Thompson (Matthew Bennett) in "Popping the Question"

Another Doug-ism!

So, do you come here often?
Those of you in RW chats and most of my e-pals have been expecting this from me (even if I hadn't told you I was making it ;>) -- well, it's finally up. Anyway, I'll be working on getting stuff up like wavs and more links and pics and that kinda stuff. For now....
Okay, so I'm a LITTLE too abnormally preoccupied (a euphemism for "obsessed") with the Doug episodes (so far, "Popping the Question" and "Happy Homecomings"). Maybe Doug just captures the charm that Remember WENN as a show presents. Maybe I'm just really really weird. Probably both. But since "Popping the Question" I was anxiously awaiting another Doug ep (and, by gosh, I waited almost 2 1/2 seasons! ;>), and I can hardly wait for the next.

Now, for those of you deprived WENNers who haven't seen a Doug ep, or only HH, or something weird like that, Doug is also known as "our lawyer you mean Doug" (looking at Rebecca), "our Doug" (sometimes you just shouldn't ask....), and several other, um, things like that, depending on the RW fan.... He's WENN's lawyer, and, well, in late season one (er, somewhere around 1940 -- well, in "Popping the Question"), since he was the only one at the law, eh, place, who listened to radio, they thought he should be the one to call. He and Betty talked on the phone a while, and finally he got the courage to ask her out on a date. (That's gotta be pretty close to verbatim....) When he went to pick her up at the station, though... well, he had to get through Mr. Eldridge, Mackie, and Jeff first. Finally, Mackie led him to the writer's room and told Doug he'd go get Betty, wait right here. So he waited. And, uh, waited. Two hours later.... But, eventually, they had a date. In "Happy Homecomings," though, Doug lamented, "I guess to get Betty's full attention I'd have to have lived then." Hilary asks, "When?" "Another time." *sniffle* I feel your pain, man!...

Forget the boy scouts....

So, like, anyway.

It's sort of, you know, The Dream!

Doug Thompson's played by Matthew Bennett, who totally grooves too. He's the coolest in:

In every age manking attempts to
fabricate great works at once magnificent and impossible....

Titanic: A New Musical (Mr. Andrews! The LEAD! Groovy!! => And he does a great job, might I add. Comparing the cast recording with Michael Cerveris as Mr. A. to the show with Matt Bennett, I prefer Our Doug in the role. => The third pic on this page is from when I met him after I saw Titanic, BTW.)...

Get me New York City, Hello Chicago,
Could you put me through to Bowling Green?

Floyd Collins (head reporter, Dr. Hazlett -- the one on the right)...

...and a ton of other stuff. Check out the cast recordings! =>
Matthew Bennett on Remember WENN -- off LC's Titanic: A New Musical site, which rules, BTW =)

Thanks to all you preview people who checked this site out to make sure it was working and stuff => (nice sentence, Mallory); Christine, for pics and junk; Cynthia and Fiona, so you all don't feel left out; and, of course, thanks to Matt Bennett! =>

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