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Why I'm a Friend of W-E-N-N

By Mallory Bolduc

"New York. Aw, great. Now, what the heck am I going to do in New York?"
-Scott (Kevin O'Rourke) in "The Importance of Being Betty"

Honestly ("That'd make for a change.")? Well, I originally wasn't going watch it. At all. AMC had annoying reminders (I then thought) every waking commercial moment -- and I didn't want to be bugged into it. Apparently, though, I was. That's right -- midnight (CST), Saturday night, tired, but bored enough to give in to an ad and watch the CableACE nominated, Rupert Holmes written, well-casted, wonderful, new television series on AMC. Well, okay, not just that -- I had a reason. It was set in 1940. *shrug* Hey, I'm a classic flick freak. Sounded good enough, approximately Second Chorus and The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, I could do this. It couldn't be -that- boring and a waste of time. So I tuned in. "Who's Minding the Asylum" -- the first Jeff and Hilary bicker match I ever saw, I fell in love with the show. (On another note, I could go farther back about how I was originally partially against AMC, because it seems like one of those '50s-flick-channels with documentaries every waking second. Now, I realize this is good -- but AMC is also all those swell movies with Fred Astaire, Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper, Dana Andrews (see the Fred Fan Club and Dana fan page), etc.) Okay, anyway. From then on, I couldn't miss an episode (except for "The First Mrs. Bloom" -- grr... me and my memory....). Whether I was grieving along with Betty in "Radio Silence", comparing wonderful scenes in "From the Pen of Gertrude Reece", laughing 'til my mother called my psychiatrist *ahem* to "The Importance of Being Betty" and "Popping the Question", or crying my eyes out in "Who's Scott Sherwood" *sniff sniff* and "Happy Homecomings", I've had a swell time. Summed up, RW has helped me with a lot of my problems (not the "So we'll rerun the episodes" kind of problems :b) and stress, and has provided enjoyment on carefree weekends and Wednesdays. I can't be more glad that I watch it.

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