Mallory's Remember WENN Trivia

Here's some trivia I acquired (from, by, thanks to, and compliments of Katie ):

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(Quick note: I hear that most of these answers can be found on Linda's WENN Page ; any questions, ask either me or Katie!

1. Where is Betty Roberts from?

2. What is Hilary's sarcastic nickname for Jeff?

3. What character does Mackie play on Bedside Manor?

4. What is Celia's real last name?

5. Where did Jeff work for three summers?

6. What is the station's phone number ?

7. What is the name of WENN's engineer?

8. Who was Hilary's Broadway rival?

9. With what staff member did Grace Cavendish have a romantic relationship?

10. What holiday do Betty's parents consider the official start of the Christmas season?

11. What character does Angela Colton fall in love with? 12. What musician's are Mackie's favorites?

13. Who does Eugenia have a crush on? 14. Where does George Smith work?

15. On The Hands of Time, what is Elizabeth Marlow's prison number?

16. Who is WENN's press agent?

17. On The Hands of Time, who is Elizabeth's husband?

18. Where did Mr. Eldridge work when he was younger?

19. What instrument does Gertie play?

20. Who did Larry Looper work for?

21. Who killed Carlton Killion?

22. Who played Sherlock Holmes?

23. What was the name of the warden of Ramsey State Prison?

24. What is Celia's nickname for Jeff?

25. What play is Adrian Carr producing on Broadway?

26. What show does Carr plan to take coast to coast?

27. Which actor has Adrian Carr previously worked with?

28. During her amnesia, who does Hilary think she is?

29. What play were Jeff and Hilary starring in when they were married?

30. Who is Paul Reiss?

31. Why was Ted E. Peck thrown out of Hollywood?

32. Which staff member is chosen to be "the new Valentino"?

33. At the end of which episode does Victor Comstock leave for England?

34. Who becomes the new station manager in episode eleven?

35. Who is Doug Thompson and what does he do?

36. Which cast member does Victor invite to England?

37. How is Victor killed?

38. Where were Hilary and Jeff married?

39. Who does Victor's death effect the most?

40. What was Scott Sherwood's previous job?

41. What product sponsors Eugenia's all night show?

42. Who is Eugenia's replacement?

43. What was her previous job?

44. What movie is Celia appearing in?

45. What day was WENN's news day?

46. Who played Tom in Tom Sawyer?

47. Who is Hilary's former acting teacher and who is he played by?

48. What kind of show does Mrs. Foxx want Hilary to do instead of The Hands of Time?

49. How do they try to remove Elizabeth from The Hands of Time?

50. Who is the Scrooge in Christmas in the Airwaves?

51. Where did Celia get her two pairs of nylons?

52. Who was originally cast as Lord Branley?

53. Who was his replacement and on what show?

54. Which AMC host has a recurring role as Cup of Comfort sponsor Mr. Medwick?

55. On The Hands of Time, what is wrong with Brent Marlow?

56. Who do Jeff and Hilary play on Bedside Manor?

57. What is Angela Colton's disability?

58. What character does Hilary play on Valiant Journey?

59. How long were Hilary and Jeff married before their divorce?

60. What famous Hollywood star does Hilary try to get gossip from?

61. What is Gertie's job at the station?

62. In the episode The Diva That Wouldn't Die, what does Sherwood hang on the wall of his office?

63. Where do Jeff and Hilary meet in the final scene of Valentino Speaks?

64. What part does Enid, the intern play in Don't Act Like That?

65. What do Maple and Eugenia play for a world record?

66. Why hasn't there been a world record for peeling potatoes?

67. Who was the "surprise witness" at Brent's trial on The Hands of Time?

68. Who steals Larry's gun in Armchair Detectives?

69. In the beginning of Armchair Detectives, what is the name of Hilary's character on Sherlock Holmes?

70. What is the name of The Hands of Time sponsor?

71. With what staff member did Mr. Foxx have an affair?

72. What name was she using when she met him?

73. What was her nickname for him?

74. What did Hilary do when she found out that Elizabeth was going to be killed off?

75. Who was the one to break the news to her?

76. At the World's Fair, what was the name of the American Way Greeting Card Pavilion?

77. Who fell in love with Victor?

78. According to Hilary, how tall is Jeff?

79. Where did Maple play Cleopatra in the Crimson Follies?

80. After finding out Mr. Foxx was married, where did Maple move to?

81. In World of Tomorrow, what story did Betty's script relate to?

82. At Maple LaMarsh's former job, how high were her heels?

83. In what episode did Celia Mellon come to WENN?

84. In what year did the first episode take place?

85. What is the statue that Sherwood has sitting on his desk?

86. How long have Jeff and Hilary been working at WENN?

87. What color was the dress that Hilary wore in Hilary Booth- Registered Nurse?

88. In Hilary Booth-Registered Nurse, why did Hilary get mad at Jeff?

89. Why was Betty worried about releasing Lord Branley's identity?

90. What great piece of literature were Hilary and George performing at the end of Emperor Smith?

91. What was the name of Walter Snell's column?

92. What hours is WENN normally on the air?

93. What hangs above Gertie's reception area?

94. What is the station's address?

95. Who is the actress who plays Hilary Booth?

96. Who is the actor who plays Jeff Singer?

97. Who plays Mackie Bloom?

98. Who plays Betty Roberts?

99. Can you name the three characters who left the show?

100. Which two staff members are WENN's married couple?
A) Betty Roberts and Victor Comstock
B) Eugenia Bremer and Mr. Eldridge
C) Mackie Bloom and Celia Mellon
D) Jeff Singer and Hilary Booth
E) Jeff Singer and Celia Mellon

100-75=Betty Roberts, you know everybody and everything at WENN
74-50= Scott Sherwood, you know enough to pass the test
49-25= Maple LaMarash,you're still learning but are not a complete idiot
24-0= Enid Fairliegh,the intern who knows almost nothing

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