I love forms, don't you? I watch too many musicals, really. But, anyways, here's a homepage with trivia on different musicals. You can enter by musical, or just answer everything. This'll be expanding quickly, so come back often! I'll e-mail you with the answers to the questions if you enter. Good luck!

Broadway Melody of 1940

While we're on the subject of trivia, when Johnny (Fred Astaire) is holding the piano music to "I've Got My Eyes On You", the front also says, "Words and Music By Cole Porter". Nice touch, wouldn't you say?

What was the cape made out of (if you've seen this, you probably know what I'm talking about)?

What was the name of Clare's show with King Shaw?

Higher and Higher

What did Jack Haley call Frank Sinatra in this movie?

Fred and Ginger Facts

Were Fred and Ginger married?

How many films did Fred and Ginger make?

What, in your opinion, was their best film?

Some Stuff

Here are a few film debut quizzers:
Gene Kelly?
Fred Astaire?
Fred and Ginger's starring debut?

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