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My (Old) Homepages

(Note: These have been rather neglected for
a while, due to, well, high school... my apologies.)

My very own Musical Home Page

My very own (very small) Classic Movie Homepage

My Remember WENN Page

My Dana Andrews Fan Page

Broadway Cast Recordings -- Reviews!

Searching for Birthdays of Certain Stars?

My very own You Might be Obsessed with Musicals If....

Gene Kelly: A Tribute

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Legends of the Hidden Temple. You're smart,
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Gay Bear
Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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Music, in general

I have a page for this now: go here.

The Forgotten Era

Palace: The Classic Film Site

Greatest Films

The Balcony

The Gene Kelly Home Page

Gene Kelly: Singin' and Dancin' in the Rain

Gene Kelly: A Tribute (my page)

Bing Crosby Home Page

Mallory's Dana Andrews Fan Page (my page)

The Jimmy Stewart Museum

The Judy Garland Database

Fred Astaire Web Page

The Unofficial Fred Astaire Fan Club (UFAFC) (my page)

Mallory's Musicals Home Page (my page)

Mallory's Classic Movie Homepage (my page)

The George and Ira Gershwin Archive

Cole Wide Web: The Cole Porter Shrine

The Gene Tierney Home Page

A.J. Recordings: Jolson's Home on the Web

Retro Homepage 

MGM Studios

Remember WENN Links

Linda's Remember WENN Homepage -- the coolest RW page out there!

The RW Fan Club

Michael's WENN on the Web page -- it's better NOT to ask....

Or just give in and go to my RW page for more links


Ralph Fiennes -- hehe. Groovy site.

Jude Law -- a picture-heavy site, but groovy....

The Seth Green Mega Site -- a major Seth site!

Seth Green Society -- I'm sorry... I'm abusing my little "let's link to this actor now!" privelege... well, go here anyway.

Martin Moran Fan Page -- my favorite Broadway actor....

Brian Stokes Mitchell -- Cool Broadway actor, cool site.

Brian D'arcy James -- another groovy actor....

Did Someone Say, "Broadway"?

The Deck Plans -- the COOLEST site for the COOLEST musical ever (Titanic).

Sir Percy's Place -- A page for The Scarlet Pimpernel, a groovy show.

Rent -- a direct link to Rent libretto... other crap at this site, too. Really cool.


Jokeaday -- duh, jokes.

Jehster -- duh, more jokes.

Jonathan Cainer's Horoscopes -- the coolest horoscopes, like, ever....

AstroAdvice -- the grooviest astrology site. Synastry, horoscopes, Eastern astrology... go here.

Astrology Now -- random astrology.

Kim Allen Love Psychic -- weekly and daily love horoscopes...

Weekly Horoscopes by Daniel Dowd -- cool and amusing, hehe

Matrix Space: Friends & Lovers -- compatibility based on birthdates. Cool.

Cards of Destiny -- weird oracle-type thing. groovy.

Alchemist -- another oracle.

Rahdhai Oracle -- yet another oracle, tis very cool.

Numberquest -- ooooh. Cool numerology.

Kabalarians -- name analysis... pretty cool.

Cool Pages

The Angry Ferret -- This is just plain cool.

My Friends' Homepages

Ted's Lair -- my buddy Ted's homepage, in its primitive stages...

Deb's Place -- my friend Debby's homepage... features a poem I wrote! hehe...

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight -- my friend Jessika's homepage... the title changes sort of often so don't expect my listing to be accurate. :)

Happy Sunshine Station -- the site of my friends Erin and Chase. Interesting....

Happy Kitten's Nuthouse -- my friend Kristin's homepage... very amusing... has pages of stupid stuff that my orchestra friends have said... hehe....

NeverApart.Org -- this place is nice.

Wangster -- my buddy James's rather new homepage....

Daisy's Dreamworld -- my buddy Joyce's page... tis cool....

hehehehe -- Stephanie's supercool site. :)

MichaelCrawford.Com -- no, not THE Michael Crawford. Fun site. Go.

HibHibner.Com -- hehe, my friend Jeff's site. Vote on his webpolls!

My E-pals' Pages

Fiona's Labyrinth -- officially "The Importance of Being Fiona"

Myka's Homepage (a fellow Dana fan, as well as Remember WENN)